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    it's never done that before - 3d edition

      Oracle clilent 11.2
      Windows 7 professional, 64bit

      App support comes to me with problem. New PeopleSoft client installation doesn't work. Error messages indicate library mismatch.
      Oracle client newly installed, looks like a 64bit client but needs 32 bit.
      No problem, I've fixed stuff like this hundreds of times.

      First, Rip out the current oracle installation: delete C:\Program Files\oracle; delete c:\app\oracle; delete the references to Oracle from hklm\software\odbc; delete all of hklm\software\oracle; delete
      references to oracle from the system PATH environment.

      Next, re-install oracle run-time client, 32bit. Installation goes without a hitch, and I am able to connect with sqlplus.
      Next, run the installer again, selecting 'custom' and selecting the oracle odbc component; override suggested default of a new OHOME and select the just installed home. Again, something I've done hundreds of times.

      Next, test the ODBC. Open the odbc config tool and start to set up a new DSN, but oracle is not listed among the available drivers .... ?!?!?. Checked the registry, hklm\software and before I look into ODBC, I can see there is no entry for ORACLE. ?!?!?

      Yet, I can connect with sqlplus, and the apps guy is able to complete the configuration of the PeopleSoft client and it works.