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    groupLink parameters and SQL Server

    Stephen J.
      Normally, when I create a groupLink item and add a parameter to it, the Name field on the parameter has a dropdown of default parameters accepted by the target form. In one of my projects this dropdown does not appear. The only major difference with this project (compared to my others) is that it uses a SQL Server database rather than an Oracle database. Is there some aspect of the groupLink parameters that relies on the oracle.jbo.domain data types? Or is there some other setting that would affect this?

      JDev, JHS

      Edit: OK, this seems to have fixed itself. Any thoughts on what could have caused it to happen?

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          Stephen J.
          changing the point of this question: Is there an example of how to use the altKeyName<GroupName> parameter? Does it require custom coding to implement?
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            Steven Davelaar-Oracle
            Instead of looking up a row by its primary key value (say country code), you can also look it up by an alternate key (say country name).
            To do this, you need to define the Alternate key on the entity object (general tab), and then on the view object, also on the general tab.

            In the Jheadstart altKeyName<GroupName> parameter you can then specify the name of this view object alt key. In the rowKeyValue parameter you then specify the value of the alternate key attribute (country name).

            See also the source of SetCurrentRowBean class.

            Steven Davelaar,
            JHeadstart Team.