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    APEX Listener 2.0 configuration issue

    Krishna Rathnam-Oracle
      Hi people,

      I have some questions on Apex Listener 2.0 configuration for calling procedures in different schemas within the same database via URL. I wanted access procedures that I created in HR & SCOTT schema in the "orcl" database.

      I have configured the apex listener, deployed the war's on weblogic and I am able access the workspace & Apex admin server console:

      I have also added additional database connections pointing to HR & SCOTT schema using the commands below and provided necessary details when prompted:

      java -jar apex.war setup --database hr
      java -jar apex.war setup --database scott

      I also added some url mapping definitions & my current mapping file is as follows:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <pool-config xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/apex/pool-config">
      <pool base-path="/" name="hr" updated="2012-10-17T16:33:09.608Z"/>
      <pool base-path="/st" name="scott" updated="2012-10-17T17:09:26.71Z"/>
      <pool base-url="http://aosdemeamt05.oracle.com:7001/apex/st" name="scott" updated="2012-10-17T17:12:35.07Z"/>

      The following call to the update_emp_sal procedure redirects to the HR schema and displays the appropriate HTML content I have within that procedure:

      The following URL also works fine as I have explicitly qualified the procedure with hr schema:

      However, the call to the same procedure in scott schema errors out with 404. The URL I am issuing is http://aosdemeamt05.oracle.com:7001/apex/scott.update_emp_sal, although the procedure is present in the schema.

      I have also tried the following URL's based on the URL mapping definitions I have specified above for scott schema and all of them error out:

      The URL http://aosdemeamt05.oracle.com:7001/apex/st/update_emp_sal errors with the following message. My assumption was that the "/st" base-path will result in a redirection to "scott database" I had created earlier:

      Error Alias "st" does not exist

      I have also made sure to restart the Weblogic AdminServer every time I've added a new database connection or mapping url definition.

      Could someone please guide me on what I am missing here? I am essentially looking to be able to call procedures from different schemas within the same database via URL.

      Thanks a ton.

      Best Regards