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    HFM Data Form in Smart View - Improper Suppression

      We have several data forms that are opened by a group of controllers every month to load forecast information to HFM. This data form is opened by all of these users in Excel and submitted back to HFM via Smart View.

      We have instructed all of the users to turn off ALL suppression while working with the data forms because there are some invalid intersections for ICP based on the input entity. The form is rendering properly for all users but one. When he opens the data form it appears to show all of the lines, but then once it fully loads, it is removing/suppressing one line that is an invalid intersection. In checking his Smart View options, I can clearly say that he does not have ANY of the suppression options in use.

      Has anyone experienced this issue? Are there any workarounds? Why would this only happen for one user when 10 others have no issue when using the same file/form/options?

      Your help is appreciated, as always!