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    Update will not download-what do I do?

      I have a password protected user account on a workstation that keeps getting update notices that ask me to install the latest version of Java. I enter the password which enables the Java Install popup to appear, but when I click Install*, I get the following popup

      Error - Java(TM) Update
      Failed to download required installation files.

      I'm wary of uninstalling my current version without consulting those more knowledgeable than myself, because I don't want to find that I still won't be able to successfully update and get stuck without any operating version of Java on board. Advice please.

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          Get a computer that doesn't suck, download the stuff there and then transfer to your broken machine?

          NOTE: that assumes you download the files here in stead of from java.com:

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            Seems to me that some readers (like me) don't know what distinguishes a "computer that doesn't suck" from the one we (I) have now. I believe a company-run site should be more helpful and less disrespectful in helping people who depend on its products.
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              The default download on java.com is the 'online' installer, where the initial download is a very small binary, that when run downloads the required installation files. I suspect that some AV software, proxy, firewall, router or something, between the installer binary and the download servers is impeding/blocking the download of the files.

              The general workaround for this is to download the offline installer, which contains all the necessary files to complete the install. The end result of installing the online and offline is the same, only the install mechanism differs.

              Offline install location on java.com:

                   Windows Offline filesize: 30 MB