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    After applying middle tier patch 9593176, form POXPOVPO will not load...

    Kristofer Cruz
      We applied middle tier patch 9593176 to help resolves some of the myriad of forms glitches we are seeing after our upgrade from 11i to 12.1.3.

      1.     Applied patch 9593176.
      2.     Regenerated all form files (regenerate/recompile…same thing)
      3.     Started application using seeded start script ($INST_TOP/apps/edev_ppcm04/admin/scripts/adstrtal.sh)
      4.     Received warning while running the startup script (log sent to you earlier) which referenced note 397174.1
      5.     Stopped all processes using seeded stop script
      6.     Followed instructions on not 397174.1
      7.     Restarted using seeded start script
      8.     Did not receive any errors.
      9.     POXPOVPO freezes now.


      IBM AIX 64 bit 6.1
      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit
      Forms Applet version is :
      EBS 12.1.3

      Anyone else see this or have any ideas?