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    Change Workflow Status

      Hi, I'm trying to chagne the workflow state to 'pending' from another state such as 'released'. I'm using a custom action to do this. The code is below:

      IWorkflow [] wfs = change.getWorkflows();
      IWorkflow wf = wfs[0];
      String wF = wf.toString();
      IStatus [] sts = wf.getStates();
      IStatus state = sts[0];
      String State = state.toString();
      change.changeStatus(state, true, "", false, false, new Object[0], new Object[0], new Object[0], false);

      Every time I try to run the process extension I get the error message below:

      Error code: 60104
      Error message: See multiple root causes.
      Root Cause exception: com.agile.pc.cmserver.base.AuditException

      I'vea lso tried changing the status to the next workflow state and I get the same error. Can anybody explain why this is happening and how to fix it ?