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    How to configure workflow server and port for BPM 11g activities


      I'm deploying a BPM 11g ( application to a clustered installation (1 Admin server, 2 OSB server, 2 soa servers, 2 BAM servers).
      The SOA servers are listening on port 8001 and 8002, I'm deploying the SAR file through EM console and the UI's EAR through admin console targeting both SOA servers.
      When I click a global creation activity or any activity in the tasklists, the pop up tries to acces the correct server name but on port 0 (http://servername:0/workflow/MyEAR....) if I change the port number in the URL to 8001 the page is displayed ok and works as expected.

      I also deployed the same app to my local environment, a single server installation (Admin, soa, osb and bam servers on the wl server) and works ok.

      Does any one knows where can I change this behavior?, Is there any variable to tell the workspace/worklist app how to replace the server port?

      Thanks in advance.