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    Edit user_sdo_geom_metadata

    Albin Joseph Paul
      Hi everyone,

      how is to edit user_sdo_geom_metadata view?

      Thanks in Advance
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          Stefan Jager
          By using INSERT and UPDATE statements?
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            you can use UPDATE command, but you have to call the command in the schema, which you want change.

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              UPDATE works for me.

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                Paul Dziemiela
                Hi Albin,

                As other folks have said at its basics you need to manipulate the view via SQL updates and inserts including handling the format of the MDSYS.SDO_DIM_ARRAY collection and MDSYS.SDO_DIM_ELEMENT object. You probably should become comfortable with doing these tasks by hand.

                However, Simon Greener and his crew at the GeoRaptor project at
                have done the work of wrapping these tasks into the sqldeveloper GUI. See here their screenshot of the editor

                So while you should get a handle on the SQL of course, you can jump right in and mess about with the metadata using GeoRaptor. Hmm, you know I don't see a way to monitor the statements that GeoRaptor is submitting - something like the SQL buttons that Toad often has. Question for the group, is there an easy way to do that in GeoRaptor? Ideally one could inspect the SQL coming from GeoRaptor and learn the formatting from that. Otherwise just dig into the Oracle Spatial docs.

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                  Stefan Jager
                  Or simply check the documentation, which has a good example:


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                    Simon Greener

                    You remind me as to why we keep asking for a documenter. The SQL you show is old, like version 1.1 old! I will go an update the one you referenced but the best way to see the latest is to open the lastest version of GeoRaptor, open the metadata management and have a look at how much it have moved on. Also, GeoRaptor's metadata manager has a nice Help page curtesy of John O'Toole (tester extraordinaire and occasional help writer).

                    A new version of GeoRaptor is soon to be released as it contains some much needed bug fixes and also fixes for other problems that seem to have come up since the SQL Developer 3.2 release.
                    (An Early Access release is available at any time for testing via our SourceForge site.)

                    About logging SQL.... Normally we would say that that is something that is built into the database so we would not want to duplicate something done better elsewhere. But we could see the usefulness of logging certain statements.

                    At the moment, GeoRaptor logs search statistics (for a layer redraw) which can be written to the Messages log pane if you switch on: Tools>Preferences>GeoRaptor>Miscellaneous>Log Search Statistics.

                    We could add either another tick box: Log All SQL; or we could expose only limited SQL (we execute quite a bit) or SQL related to certain things:

                    Log Metadata SQL x
                    Log Query SQL x
                    Log Layer Draw SQL x

                    If you have a preference go to our sourceforge site and log a feature request. The tighter the specification (ie NOT "Log all SQL") the better.


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