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    Multiple levels in hierarchy is not showing data properly in AWM

      I may have to create a hierarchy like this :

      Cluster name -> Trunk Type -> Trunk name.

      A cluster can have many trunk types, say T1, T2 etc and each trunk can have many names.

      For example, this is my data :

      C1, T1, c1T1_1
      C1, T1, c1T1_2
      C1, T2, c1T2_1
      C2, T1, c2T1_1
      C2, T1, c2T1_2

      But I see that all the data to be shown for c2 and T1 is shown in C1, T1 itself.

      I see that the issue, is that as T1 is not distinct, it is causing this issue.

      How can i fix this ?