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    MW 2.19 apps patching issue on RAC

      I am attempting to run my first patch using MW.
      Unfortunatley, MW is indicating that my adpatch defaults file should be in a directory that conflicts with where adpatch expects the file.
      Because of this, adpatch fails. adpatch doesn't care what I specify in the defaultsfile parameter, it only accepts the path shown below.
      How can I work around this? Is this a bug?
      Path where adpatch wants the defaults.txt file (the next 2 lines are output from the adpatch utility):
      The expected location of the defaults file is
      Maintenance Wizard generated path for defaults.txt file is below:
      ERROR: Unable to locate a defaults file for adpatch.
      Please create either the file adalldefaults.txt or defaults.txt in /ptch/applmgr/ptchappl/admin/PTCH1/ so that adpatch may run in non-interactive mode.
      The problem I see is that MW is using a value of PTCH1 instead of PTCH.
      I bet if I didn't have RAC, my value would have just been PTCH.
      Please advise. I don't want to have to apply all my patches manually.
      Is my configuration wrong or does a MW script need modifying somehwere?
      Thanks, Dean
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          More info. So I thought maybe I entered some setup data wrong. Where could PTCH1 be specified in my configuration and maybe it needs to be changed to PTCH for the adpatch defaultsfile issue to be fixed.
          On the database node attributes screen, I found that I had database sid/service_name was set to PTCH1. Since I have RAC, maybe that should be PTCH (the service name). However, I tested changing this value to PTCH and then a configuration step that creates a a remote database link doesn't work.
          Test of the REMOTE alias was successful.
          Dropping old database link named REMOTE_1703
          Creating new database link named REMOTE_1703
          Successfully created a database link named REMOTE_1703
          Testing it now...
          ERROR: Link exists, but connection failed!

          Querying the lnik definition shows why it fails, because the SID value is wrong and probably should be SERVICE_NAME= instead.
          SQL> select * from dba_db_links;

          So in RAC a environment, what should the MW database node screen attribute value for data sid/service_name be? the service name or the rac instance name?
          Can I recreate the link myself to say SERVICE_NAME=PTCH, test the link manually and then say this step has succeeded (so I can move forward)?
          Will the adpatch defaults file issue be resolved then?
          Thanks, Dean
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            Thanks for the link. I'm past the adpatch defaults file not working issue.
            But what about RAC is not supported in MW?
            How will I know what steps I manually need to run on the other DB nodes?
            Thanks, Dean
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              David Heisler-Oracle
              Oracle recommends disabling RAC for your upgrade. When you re-enable RAC and synchronize the nodes, you should be fine.