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    SCAN configuration on RAC

      Currently my 2 node RAC has SCAN configures with one IP address and /etc/hosts entry. I have obtained two additional IPs and I want to use the DNS server instead of /etc/hosts/. To do this I am doing following:

      1. DNS entry for rac-scan with 3 IPs i.e. two new and one existing ( currently used in /etc/hosts entry)
      1. STOP scan_listener ( srvctl stop scan_listener) on one node i.e node1
      2. STOP scan ( srvctl stop scan)on one node i.e. node2
      3.Edit /etc/hosts on both the nodes and comment the line for scan IP
      4.Modify scan listener (srvctl modify scan -n rac-scan ;; followed by srvctl modify scan_listener -u ;; followed by srvctl start scan_listener.

      Is there something that I am missing. Please clarify.

      Appreciate your response.