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Re: How to export view definitions

jeromegv Newbie
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I had the same problem with the transformation as what I read in:
How to export view definitions
except it was different.

I changed the transformation for the one described here:

But now I get a new error in the Load Views element

Any idea what it might be?


INFO [main] - *** CloverETL framework/transformation graph, (c) 2002-2012 Javlin a.s, released under GNU Lesser General Public License ***
INFO [main] - Running with CloverETL library version 3.2.1 build#63 compiled 04/01/2012 12:53:21
INFO [main] - Running on 2 CPU(s), OS Windows XP, architecture x86, Java version 1.6.0_20, max available memory for JVM 253440 KB
INFO [main] - Loading default properties from: defaultProperties
INFO [main] - Graph definition file: graph/LoadViewDefinitions.grf
INFO [main] - Graph revision: 1.363 Modified by: akapoor Modified: Fri Oct 19 12:07:54 EDT 2012
INFO [main] - Checking graph configuration...
INFO [main] - Graph configuration is valid.
INFO [main] - Graph initialization (LoadViewDefinitions)
INFO [main] - [Clover] Initializing phase: 0
INFO [main] - Messenger configuration context loaded.
INFO [main] - Axis2-specific client dispatcher established for service >SConfig< based on WSDL document.
INFO [main] - Axis2 modules engaged for client dispatcher.
INFO [main] - WS-Policy expressions processed.
INFO [main] - Message validation on request is disabled.
INFO [main] - Message validation on response is disabled.
INFO [main] - Asynchronous messenger initilized for operation '{}SConfig#SConfigPort#putEntities'.
INFO [main] - [Clover] phase: 0 initialized successfully.
INFO [main] - register MBean with name:org.jetel.graph.runtime:type=CLOVERJMX_1317915999906_0
INFO [WatchDog] - Starting up all nodes in phase [0]
INFO [WatchDog] - Successfully started all nodes in phase!
ERROR [WatchDog] - Graph execution finished with error
ERROR [WatchDog] - Node LOAD_VIEWS_IN_DATA_STORE finished with status: ERROR caused by: Fault occurred while processing.
ERROR [WatchDog] - Node LOAD_VIEWS_IN_DATA_STORE error details:
org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Fault occurred while processing.
     at org.apache.axis2.description.OutInAxisOperationClient$
     at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.runTask(
     at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
INFO [WatchDog] - [Clover] Post-execute phase finalization: 0
INFO [WatchDog] - [Clover] phase: 0 post-execute finalization successfully.
INFO [WatchDog] - Execution of phase [0] finished with error - elapsed time(sec): 0
ERROR [WatchDog] - !!! Phase finished with error - stopping graph run !!!
INFO [WatchDog] - -----------------------** Summary of Phases execution **---------------------
INFO [WatchDog] - Phase# Finished Status RunTime(sec) MemoryAllocation(KB)
INFO [WatchDog] - 0 ERROR 0 8704
INFO [WatchDog] - ------------------------------** End of Summary **---------------------------
INFO [WatchDog] - WatchDog thread finished - total execution time: 0 (sec)
INFO [main] - Freeing graph resources.
ERROR [main] - Execution of graph failed !