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    Where can i find DBID in OEM GRID CONTROL 11g

      Where can i find DBID in OEM GRID CONTROL 11g??
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          Sam wrote:
          Where can i find DBID in OEM GRID CONTROL 11g??
          SQL> desc v$database
           Name                                      Null?    Type
           ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
           DBID                                               NUMBER
           NAME                                               VARCHAR2(9)
           CREATED                                            DATE
           RESETLOGS_CHANGE#                                  NUMBER
           RESETLOGS_TIME                                     DATE
           PRIOR_RESETLOGS_CHANGE#                            NUMBER
           PRIOR_RESETLOGS_TIME                               DATE
           LOG_MODE                                           VARCHAR2(12)
           CHECKPOINT_CHANGE#                                 NUMBER
           ARCHIVE_CHANGE#                                    NUMBER
           CONTROLFILE_TYPE                                   VARCHAR2(7)
           CONTROLFILE_CREATED                                DATE
           CONTROLFILE_SEQUENCE#                              NUMBER
           CONTROLFILE_CHANGE#                                NUMBER
           CONTROLFILE_TIME                                   DATE
           OPEN_RESETLOGS                                     VARCHAR2(11)
           VERSION_TIME                                       DATE
           OPEN_MODE                                          VARCHAR2(20)
           PROTECTION_MODE                                    VARCHAR2(20)
           PROTECTION_LEVEL                                   VARCHAR2(20)
           REMOTE_ARCHIVE                                     VARCHAR2(8)
           ACTIVATION#                                        NUMBER
           SWITCHOVER#                                        NUMBER
           DATABASE_ROLE                                      VARCHAR2(16)
           ARCHIVELOG_CHANGE#                                 NUMBER
           ARCHIVELOG_COMPRESSION                             VARCHAR2(8)
           SWITCHOVER_STATUS                                  VARCHAR2(20)
           DATAGUARD_BROKER                                   VARCHAR2(8)
           GUARD_STATUS                                       VARCHAR2(7)
           SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_MIN                          VARCHAR2(8)
           SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_PK                           VARCHAR2(3)
           SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_UI                           VARCHAR2(3)
           FORCE_LOGGING                                      VARCHAR2(3)
           PLATFORM_ID                                        NUMBER
           PLATFORM_NAME                                      VARCHAR2(101)
           RECOVERY_TARGET_INCARNATION#                       NUMBER
           LAST_OPEN_INCARNATION#                             NUMBER
           CURRENT_SCN                                        NUMBER
           FLASHBACK_ON                                       VARCHAR2(18)
           SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_FK                           VARCHAR2(3)
           SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_ALL                          VARCHAR2(3)
           DB_UNIQUE_NAME                                     VARCHAR2(30)
           STANDBY_BECAME_PRIMARY_SCN                         NUMBER
           FS_FAILOVER_STATUS                                 VARCHAR2(22)
           FS_FAILOVER_CURRENT_TARGET                         VARCHAR2(30)
           FS_FAILOVER_THRESHOLD                              NUMBER
           FS_FAILOVER_OBSERVER_PRESENT                       VARCHAR2(7)
           FS_FAILOVER_OBSERVER_HOST                          VARCHAR2(512)
           CONTROLFILE_CONVERTED                              VARCHAR2(3)
           PRIMARY_DB_UNIQUE_NAME                             VARCHAR2(30)
           SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_PL                           VARCHAR2(3)
           MIN_REQUIRED_CAPTURE_CHANGE#                       NUMBER
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            Not instance level. i want to know in GUI.
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              why so many unanswered questions?
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                Sam wrote:
                Not instance level. i want to know in GUI.
                He who lives by the GUI dies by the GUI
                He who lives by the command line controls his own destiny.
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                  Pleas answer my question, if someone knows...

                  i know how to look from instance level. I have report which i get dbname and dbid from rman repository where i cant populate the host/servername. In order to get servername for all dbid's i want to search in GUI OEM grid control. Let me know if anyone knows the answer.
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                    I don't think you will get tired if you open Console and follow
                    sqlplus / as sysdba
                    select dbid from v$database ;