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    Open Storage ZFS Import and Export of storage pool

    John Berisford
      I have a storage pool currently owned by 1 node and I'd like to move it to another node.

      I'd really rather not do takeover and failbacks, change ownership, etc. because there are other resources in the cluster that I don't want to interrupt if I don't have to.

      When I look at the Storage tab, I see that I can Import, but I don't see how to export. I can unconfigure, but I'm assuming that breaks up the Storage Pool and makes them available disks again.

      Is it just a matter of dropping down to shell and doing "zfs export 'pool name'" and then 'zfs import 'pool name'" on the other node? Does that transfer ownership of the storage pool resource without tearing it down and rebuilding it? If I'm fast enough, can that essentially be done live, effectively doing a takeover operation on the single resource?