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    Customizing branding in BI Publisher

      Hi there,

      We need to customize the Header text and images in BI publisher (change the branding) for our different instances of BI publisher. We have successfully customized the analytics but that change is not impacting BI publisher. We followed the steps defined in Rittman Mead blog available at


      Any help in customizing the BI Publisher header for branding will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          Customizing the Logo or any for xmlpserver in obiee 11g publisher you need to go for .jsp files and we all know that these files are packaged in .war or .ear files.
          For any changes we need to unarchive the .war or .ear, do the changes, archive and deploy in the server.

          You suppose to look at the file login.jsp and search for string XML_PUBLISHER_PRODUCT_NAME from location

          If you need any help in archive and unarchive I can help..I'm still learning weblogic.

          This is what I explored..

          Appreciate if you mark correct