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    Applying PSU patch to GI Standalone

      Oracle Version ---

      OS ------------- Linux


      I have a RAC setup and which is protected by Single instance Physical standby database. The Single Instance database also uses ASM. So Grid Infrastructure for Standalone server is also installed here.

      I want to apply latest PSU patch to RAC and Physical standby database.

      First I have to apply PSU patch for Standby database.

      I get the following error while doing so,

      root >>    opatch  auto  /u03/Patches/  -och  /u01/app/grid/product/

      Executing /usr/bin/perl /u01/app/grid/product/ -patchdir /u03 -patchn Patches -och /u01/app/grid/product/ -paramfile /u01/app/grid/product/
      opatch auto log file location is /u01/app/grid/product/
      Detected Oracle Restart install
      Using configuration parameter file: /u01/app/grid/product/
      OPatch is bundled with OCM, Enter the absolute OCM response file path:

      Successfully unlock /u01/app/grid/product/
      patch /u03/Patches/13696242  apply  failed  for home  /u01/app/grid/product/

      I checked the README. It says nothing about Standalone Servers.

      Does this mean this GI PSU should not be applied for Standalone servers ?.

      Is it not necessary to apply GI PSU for standalone server before applying on RAC ?

      Or should I use some other command for opatch applying ? I have used both opatch  auto  <UNZIPPED LOCATION> and opatch  auto  <UNZIPPED LOCATION>  -och  <GI HOME> but failing.