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    Get UserName / Userid Connected

    Paul Coiffier
      Hello guys,

      Im' trying to get the name of the user currently connected in my app for using this username as a bind variable in a view object Query.
      I have set "Authentication type" and "Authorization type" to "Custom", so I have an administration module. Authentication use the JHS_USERS table, and it's work fine.
      But I don't understand how to get, from an expression or form a JAVA class, the username or the user id of the user who is currently connected.
      I think I have to get the jhsUser context, but no idea to how can to do it.
      I have tried with adf security, but the username return is empty, and I think it's because I use custom methods, and not JAAS / ADF.
      As anybody can explain to me please ? I had seen it's possible to override hte loginBean by create a DoCustomAuthentication method. Do I have to implement this method to save the username in the session context and to get it after in a other class ? If yes, how can I do it ? (because I don't find how to implement a new method in the LoginBean)
      Thank you