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    MapVewer Behind NAT

      I'm using MapViewer and I integrated it with my ADF application. I've generally no problem. I deployed both of them on weblogic server, and they work great. But when I want to have access to my app server (weblogic) from another place behind NAT, MapViewer doesn't work any longer!
      My application page (ADF/JSP) works, but the map object (dvt:map) on my page, doesn't render! I think it causes by IP difference. Everything is the same, but just the IP changes behind the NAT.
      Because of network back bone, we forced to have another Server IP in client side for Weblogic Server, instead of real Server IP. (e.g. real server IP is but the client machine behind the NAT can see the server by
      I want to emphasize that all pages and all other features in my web applications works, and I can see and have access to MapViewer Server from client (behind the NAT) too. But my Map object (dvt:map) on my pages, doesn't render and just show a blank area without any error!
      I know, I don't have any problem in accessing to MapViewer server, because I have access to my MapViewer server control panel from client side (behind the NAT) and MapViewer is installed on Weblogic which my Application is installed on. So, my question is if I can work with my application behind the NAT, why I can't see my map on it!