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    PO/Requisition Heirarchy based on the Item Catagory

      hi all it is out client requirement that we have to make the Requisition Hierarchy based on the Item Category... we have defined the system item KFF in 4 different segments named as MAJOR, SUB-MAJOR, MINOR, SUB-MINOR and now therefore we use to define all the item under this system and we have almost 18 such major catagory and under each 3 respective catagory too .....
      now the requirement form the client when the data entry user enter's the Requisition and in this requisition he picks up the specific item so the approval goes to specific (i-e)
      in this regards i have make approval groups and and there is item catagory field over there but i am not geitng to give the lower & Higher value because my catagories based on the alphabatic name ..
      I have to document to attach but me not geting how do i attch my document which calrify the problem in this situation .....

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