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    Need client sybase before/after install oracle gateway?

      Dear All,

      I am very new on this oracle gateway for sybase, I try to create dblink from oracle EBS to sybase,
      Is there any step before or after this installation step:

      Oracle Universal Installer: Available Product Components

      a. Select Oracle Database Gateway for Sybase

      b. Click Next.

      Oracle Database Gateway for Sybase     

      Sybase Database Server Host Name - Specify the host name of the machine hosting the Sybase database server.

      Sybase Database Server Port number - Specify the port number of the Sybase database server

      Sybase Database Name - Specify the Sybase database name

      Click Next to continue.

      Must we install some sybase client or maybe configure some file before and after install?

      please help


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          Hi Joe,
          If you have installed the DG4Sybase then you do not need to install any Sybase software.
          The information requested during the install is used to created a init<sid>.ora file which is thne used by the gateway to connect to the Syabse database.
          You can put in dummy information and then manually change it when the install is completed.

          You also say you have installed Dg4Syabse but it would be better to install and use the latest version as suggested by Klaus in your other thread -

          The latest software release is currently and it can be downloaded (and installed from scratch) from "My Oracle Support". Just open the Patches & Updates section, look for Patch 10404530: PATCH SET FOR ORACLE DATABASE SERVER and make sure to choose the platform you want to use. Then check out the readme as it lists which of these download CD's contains the gateway software.
          BTW, the CD contains DG4ODBC and DG4SYBS and it is up to you to decide during the installation which product you want to use.


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            I had an experience configuring database gateway for Sybase. After the installation, you need to configure 4 thinks.

            1. listener on the gateway side
            2. create init.ora parameter on the gateway
            3. create database link on the db that will connect to sybase
            4. add an entry in tnsnames.ora on the database side

            Hope this helps.