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    Error while creating a task for creating an generic task  /app/dac/CustomSQ

    Tataji vijjapu
      Hi ,

      I have created a sql file in DAC server /app/dac/CustomSQLs/ ,just to fire an update sql in database
      In DAC task tab i have created a task with the following:
      Command for incremental load :/app/dac/CustomSQLs/DBNameBeforeLoad.sql
      Primary source :flatfileconnection
      target source:DBCONNECTION_OLAP
      Execution type:SQL FILE
      Task phase:GENERAL

      I created subject area and assembled ,then created a Execution plan.
      When i try to execute this EP ,it shows the following error in DAC log:

      ANOMALY INFO::: Error while creating a task for creating an generic task /app/dac/CustomSQLs/DBNameBeforeLoad.sql
      MESSAGE:::/app/dac/CustomSQLs/DBNameBeforeLoad.sql - invalide template name!
      EXCEPTION CLASS::: com.siebel.analytics.etl.etltask.TaskInitializationException


      Does my above configuration is correct ..?