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    mod_wl_ohs intercepts /osso_login_success


      I'm running ofm_webtier_sun_sparc_11. and WLS 10.3.5.

      I have a single virtualhost defined in OHS, with a single Location directive requiring SSO protection and handling by WLS.

      However, mod_wl_ohs is intercepting the SSO login redirect to /osso_login_success.

      Can people please advise how I can have WLS handling all requests to / and also have all requests to / protected by SSO?

      Many thanks.

      LoadModule osso_module "${ORACLE_HOME}/ohs/modules/mod_osso.so"
      LoadModule weblogic_module "${ORACLE_HOME}/ohs/modules/mod_wl_ohs.so"

      <IfModule osso_module>
      OssoIpCheck on
      OssoIdleTimeout off

      <IfModule weblogic_module>
           DynamicServerList ON
           Debug ON
           WLLogFile /tmp/mod_wl_ohs.log

      ServerName myserver.domain.com

      OssoConfigFile "sites/myserver_osso.conf"

      <Location />
           # Turn secure cookies back on when cert received
           OssoSecureCookies Off
           require valid-user
           AuthType Osso
           SetHandler weblogic-handler


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          Mohammed Rayan-Oracle
          if I have understood your requirement correctly,Your goal is to accomplish using of mod_wls_ohs to handle requests on / and forward it to the applications deployed orrunning on backend weblogic server.if thats the case,you can try using the LocationMatch and the PathPrepend directives.

          For example:

          <VirtualHost hostname.domainname:9000>
          ServerName yourservername
          #Load the module here for this VirtuaHost:
          LoadModule weblogic_module "${ORACLE_HOME}/ohs/modules/mod_wl_ohs.so"
          #You can set up one or more Location or LocationMatch, but
          #the following is for the default:
          <LocationMatch /*>
          SetHandler weblogic-handler
          WebLogicCluster localhost:7003,localhost:7005
          #The following tells it what to access on WLS:
          PathPrepend /MyApplication
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            Thank you.

            Unfortunately, I don't believe this will work.

            I don't want to have to add a new Location directive to the Apache conf each time I deploy a new app to the WLS.

            I want one Location directive for / to be handled by WLS, but I don't want it to intercept the osso_login_success and osso_logout_success URLs.