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    Base Level Attributes report

    Federico Palacios-Oracle
      Hi all,

      We are trying to generate/define this interface to an OPA rulebase with a number of outcomes.
      Obviously, some of the base level attributes are relevant to some outcomes and others are relevant to different ones.

      My question is whether there is any utility or trick to get a list of all the base level attributes relevant to a single outcome. I cannot use the report as it will report all the base level attributes for the project, but we need to know which ones are relevant to some specific output.
      Using a visualization file is not really an option as there is a large number of attributes which makes it quite unreadable.

      Is there anyhow a way to get something like the list of the debugger, when investigating a value and selecting only relevant base level attributes?

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          Jasmine Lee-Oracle
          You can use the Attribute Dependencies View in OPM (OPM > View menu > Attribute Dependencies) to see a list of all base level attributes which feed into a particular goal.

          For more information, see the OPM Help, e.g. this article: http://docs.oracle.com/html/E36313_01/Content/Finding%20and%20reporting/Find_input_data_needed_to_reach_a_conclusion.htm

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