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    DB Adapter, JCA , Toplink


      I am trying to understand how persistence happens Oracle soa suite ( BPEL ) 11g.

      My question : Toplink does not support JAP 2.0 by default, so what persistance is supported in Toplink by default ? is it EJB CMP? .
      Can someone please explain how JCA Connector ( DB Adapter ) and Toplink are realted at runtime. ( I know Toplink file - <serviceName>_or-mappings.xml gets created when DB Partner link is created)
      whats oracle says of Oracle DB Adapter
      DB Adapter : The Oracle Database Adapter is a JCA 1.5 connector, which is deployed to the application server during installation.
      The Oracle Database Adapter enables a BPEL process to communicate with Oracle databases or third party databases through JDBC.

      whats oracle says of
      Toplink : TopLink is one of the leading Java persistence products and JPA implementations. TopLink is produced by Oracle and part of Oracle's OracleAS, WebLogic, and OC4J servers.
      Oracle TopLink includes support for EJB 3.0 in Java EE and Java SE environments, as well as support for EJB 2.n container-managed persistence (CMP).
      We require a patch for provides support for Java Persistence Architecture (JPA) 2.0 for Toplink in 11g.

      Thanks in Advance