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    Re-evaluating compliance - How to do so?

      We are new to Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. We had a compliance violation for a security problem relating to patches on a database. We have successfully applied the patch threw Cloud Control, and even recollected from the targets host and the database and we still have the compliance error on our dashboard.

      According to this query

      select b.rule_iname,a.last_evaluation_date,count(1)
      from sysman.em_csr_score a,sysman.em_rule b
      where a.rule_guid=b.rule_guid
      and b.target_type='host'
      group by b.rule_iname,a.last_evaluation_date
      order by 2,1;

      It was last run at 4:00am.

      How can I force it to re-evaluate compliance on an item?


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          In general the compliance standards are re-evaluated when the configuration of a target is updated that would effect the compliance score.

          In this case, the target at hand is the Oracle Home target, not the host or db instance. The patch deployment should have updated the oracle home at the end of the procedure.

          First, make sure the oracle home target has the patch collected.
          From the db instance home page, go to Configuration->Last collected. On the Immediate Relationship tab, you can see the oracle home the DB is using. Select the oracle home to go to its home page.

          You will see a patches applied widget on the page. Do you see the patch listed?
          If not, select Configuration Last->Last collected.
          Right click on target name in navigator. Select Refresh.
          Recheck patch now shows on home page.

          Now, recheck the compliance standard. Does it still show it needs the patch?

          What version of 12c is this? Is this release 2?


          The Oracle home collection will be collected within 24hrs normally so if you do not do anything, the compliance standard should get updated by tomorrow.
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            Hey Dave! Thanks for the response!

            I checked the Oracle Home Target like you suggested and I even refreshed it at 6:00pm at night and still our compliance didn't get run.

            However, this morning at 4am, it ran again, and now that box has dropped off the least compliant list.

            So i'm still confused at how to force it to check for compliance?

            Yes, we are on R2 :-)

            Thanks for everything.

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              There is one final piece of the puzzle for R2. That is the "Refresh for My Oracle Support" nightly job which downloads the latest recommended patches and initiates an update of the related compliance standards.

              You can create an immediate job run of that anytime, which should update the compliance scores based on the current data.

              See Creating "Refresh From My Oracle Support" Job in the following doc:


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                Thanks so much! Appreciate it! I'll try this next time I run into the issue and update the thread accordingly :-)
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                  Dave, this worked perfectly. Thank you very much