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    Unable to install JDK


      I'm unable to install the latest (1.7.0_09), and any other version of the JDK on my system. The installer starts, I can go to the next screen where the different parts are listed, but when I click next again the installer vanishes and nothing happens anymore. The same happens when clicking the button to change the install-location.

      My system is Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP3, enough space is availible, the installer extracts the jdk.msi and cab files in the user\Application Data\Sun\Java\jdk1.7.0_09 directory, and it leaves a logfile in the temp-directory with the date and time and: ":: JDK installation failed. Return Code: -1073741819, ErrorCode: 0". There's also a defunct msiexec.exe process remaining.

      Googling the return code yielded no results, and running the installer with the "/l! logfile" switch gave no pointers (I can paste it if needed). No logentries in the systemlogfiles either.

      I previously had jdk1.7.0_05 installed, I removed it thinking it might be conflicting or sometihng, but now I find myself without any JDK and JRE (those fail to install as well).

      Any help is appreciated.