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    Error getting ProcessProvisioningOrderEBM in OSM 7.0.3 (Order To Cash)

      Hi all!!

      I'm trying to test the OOTB integration 'Order To Cash' using OSM 7.0.3. For my test, I'm using a provisioning system simulator (one of the cartridges provided by Oracle - VoIPServiceProvisioning). My orchestration plan invokes 'SyncCustomer', 'InitiateBilling', 'ProvisionOrder' and 'FulfillBilling' functions. Everything works well until the ProvisionOrder. COM invokes the SOM cartridge (CommunicationsProvisioningOrderFulfillmentPIP) and this invokes the simulator. I get a response from the simulator and the 'CommunicationsProvisioningOrderFulfillmentPIP' order is also completed but when the update has to be sent to COM I get the error 'Error getting ProcessProvisioningOrderEBM' in the xquery 'ProvisionOrderCompleteEventHandler'.

      Does anybody know what can be the problem? Any idea will be really appreciated.


      Best regards.