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    Loading font from resource degrades quality?!

    Håkan Andersson

      I have some specialized fonts that I want to distribute within my JAR file in order to ensure that my Java FX 2.0 application has the correct visual appearance on the client machine. However, I have noticed that the font anti-aliasing and overall quality gets really bad when I load it via Font.loadFont(InputStream, int); In order to test this I took Arial (arial.ttf) which was already installed in my Windows OS font folder and copied it to my resource/fonts folder within my source folder. When I load Arial from this location using Font.load(InputStream, int) it looks really bad, but if I skip the load command (relying on the OS installed version) it looks excellent. Why is this?

      I set my fonts via CSS, e.g:

           -fx-font-family: Arial;
           -fx-font-size: 13px;

      And load my fonts using:

           InputStream resource = getClass().getResourceAsStream(aResource);
      if (resource == null) {
           throw new ResourceIOException("Failed to load resource stream: \"" + aResource + "\"", aResource);
      Font font = Font.loadFont(resource, 36);
      if (font == null) {
           throw new ResourceException("Invalid font resource: " + aResource, aResource);

      As you can see the loaded size is set to 36 but I have tried all kinds of values here ranging from 10 to 200 and it doesn't seems to make any difference. Any suggestions?