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    How to manage X source subinv with WMS for Kanban replanishment process


      I'm using EBS 11i and WMS
      I'm trying to setup Kanban process

      When I'm setuping a Pull Sequence within Oracle for Kanban process, I have to declare a Source Subinventory. It is a mandatory field.
      When we're replanishing a Kanban card, Oracle allocate what it can from the defined Source sub inventory declared in the pull sequence card.
      If theres is some availbilities in an other sub inventory, it doesn't care.

      We're using WMS and an item can be stored in severals subinventory.
      I would like to identify the Way to setup kanban and let WMS allocate the right subinvent using defined rules.

      1st question: Is anybody know the way, to let WMS allocate the Move order coming from kanban process without taking care of the declared source subinv?
      2nd question: the standard kanban process generate a Move order TRANSFER. Could you identified a way for selected parts (criteria to be define ... bulk for instance) to generate a Move order ISSUE

      Thanks and regards