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    Discrete Job - Overlapping operations

      I would need some help about routing setup, using overlapping operations.
      Considering a DJ for 100 pcs, which is based on a routing with 3 operations. The first operation contains 2 resources (first one with usage set to lot, 2nd with usage set to item).
      I would like the 2nd operation to start as soon as the 5 first pcs have completed the 1st operation. This means, the 2nd operation would run while the first operation is still processing the remaining 95 pcs.
      How can I set it up in EBS?
      I amended the first routing operation, setting the minimum transfer qty to 5 => no change
      I amended the 2nd resource on the first operation to set the schedule to "Next" => As soon as the setup (1st res on 1st operation) is completed, the 2nd operation starts. The DJ doesn't wait 5 pcs to be completed on the 2nd resource of the 1st operation.
      Which setup should I look at? Is it related to Production Lot Size?
      Similar question: is it possible, with discrete jobs, to have differences between the first unit completion date and last unit completion date.
      Thanks in advance.

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