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    Database file in rac

      hi all,

      in rac i can see the datafiles like below.

      => +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/USERS.259.795646469
      => +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/UNDOTBS2.266.795647009
      => +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/UNDOTBS1.258.795646469
      => +DATA/ORCL/TEMPFILE/TEMP.264.795646683
      => +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/SYSTEM.256.795646465
      => +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/SYSAUX.257.795646467
      => +DATA/ORCL/PARAMETERFILE/spfile.269.795647219
      => +DATA/ORCL/ONLINELOG/group_4.268.795647211
      => +DATA/ORCL/ONLINELOG/group_3.267.795647203
      redo02.log => +DATA/ORCL/ONLINELOG/group_2.263.795646651
      redo01.log => +DATA/ORCL/ONLINELOG/group_1.262.795646645
      example01.dbf => +DATA/ORCL/DATAFILE/UNKNOWN.265.795646701
      control02.ctl => +DATA/ORCL/CONTROLFILE/Current.261.795646607
      control01.ctl => +DATA/ORCL/CONTROLFILE/Current.260.795646603

      why the database files, control files, redologs are in this formate. and i can see there are in two location. in one location with this format and in another location with .dbf, .ctl, .log format.

      thank you!