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    Process Workspace- template customization

    Juan Algaba Colera
      On our project, we want to access BPM workflows using WebCenter Process Spaces, since we want to use the collaboration capabilities of WebCenter.

      This is approximately (unfortunately, I cannot attach a screenshot to a thread) how a space created using the Process Workspace- template looks like right now in our environment:


      but we would like it to look like the Process Tracking tab in the BPM Workspace:


      that is, we want the user to be able to click on an instance and see the audit trail just below, without having to open another window.

      Is it possible to take the Process Tracking tab from BPM Workspace and include it in the Process Workspace- template? What are the steps?


      Juan Algaba Colera

      PD: I have two screenshots from our development environment. I can email it to anyone who is willing to help us out with this.

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