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    Not able to change Requisition (Getting Error)

      HI ,

      Getting an error : Change request cannot be initiated for this requisition since none of the associated purchase orders are eligible for change.

      Follow the steps to recreate the error : .

      1. First I have created an NonCatalog - requisiton . Requsition created and Approved.
      2. Later, created the PO Autocreate Window . PO created and Approved
      3. I have changed the Requisition there I have cancel the Line .
      4. then PO automically created and Closed .
      5. I am trying to add the line item to Requisition . That time I am getting this error .

      Is it possible to add line item to the PO -approved, closed .
      I just want to add line item to the Requisition . How to rectify this error .