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    typo in install_agent.sh

      For the OATS linux installation, when changing owner of agentmanager folder, the script assumes that the group name is the same as the username, but in many systems, that is not the case.

      The line in question is: $CHOWN -R ${OATS_USER}:${OATS_USER} "${script_path}/../../agentmanager"
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          I assume you are not be executing install_agent.sh yourself, since you should not. Only run setup.sh from the UI.

          I have documented my steps for the Full OATS linux install, which I have confirmed works for the agent only install as well.

          Or instead follow the instructions as described in the Oracle OATSReleaseNotes.pdf (I have never done this). For either method, choose the Custom install when prompted in the UI and be sure only the agent install is checked.

          2. Unzip the downloaded file for the Oracle Application Testing Suite.

          3. Enter the installation folder where you unzipped the download file.

          4. Set appropriate permissions for the installation shell script to execute, as follows:
          chmod u+rwx,g+rx,o+x setup.sh
          5. Edit the installation Shell script setup.sh and change ORACLE_HOME to any designated location under your scratch folder (for example: /scratch/<myFolder>/oats12, as follows:
          INSTALL_DIR="'dirname $0'" cd "$INSTALL_DIR" INSTALL_DIR="'pwd'"
          cd - INSTALL_DIR=$( echo "$INSTALL_DIR" | sed -e 's/ /\\ /g' )
          ##Adding Chmod to add execute permissions for files.
          chmod -R 777 $INSTALL_DIR/ 1> /dev/null 2>&1 $INSTALL_DIR/oui/bin/runInstaller -force -noconsole ORACLE_HOME="/scratch/myFolder/oats12" ORACLE_HOME_NAME="OATS" SHOW_EXIT_CONFIRMATION=false
          6. Run the setup.sh file to start the GUI installation for the Oracle Application Testing Suite.
          sh setup.sh
          You cannot install Oracle Application Testing Suite as root, so do not use_
          # DO NOT DO THIS
          sudo sh setup.sh
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            yes, the install_agent.sh did run post install through the root.sh script. but, the issue is that the script wrong assumes that there is a group with the same name as the user, which in our case is not true, which causes the command to fail.
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              So you seem to understand the problem. I do not remember if the install created an Oracle Group. You should be able to edit the script to CHOWN to your own group instead, though you will probably need to add the Oracle user to your Group first. Perhaps other changes you will need to make in the sh scripts.