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    Java 7 Update 7 and 9 on Mac Lion OS 10.7.4 - Applet printing tiny fonts

      As of Java 7, when you go to print from an Applet the fonts are no longer readable (super tiny). A preview of the same on content on the screen is not an issue only show a font issue when you print the contents.

      To see this failure in action you can test using this page:

      [applet demo|https://www.peernet.com/PEERNETReportsServer3/ademos.htm]

      On this page,:

      1) press the preview button to show the page to be printed

      2) press the 'Print...' button, print to any printer and you see the textual information is just printed as dashes (super tiny font).

      Any suggestions on how to correct Java 7 printing from applets.

      BTW: Works fine from a full Java application.

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