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    Error converting leads; SBL-DAT-00553

      In addtion to the SBL error code, the error also reads: Operation failed: Read Record type partner; Access Level No access

      Is there some correlation between Leads and Partners that occurred in R20?

      Addtional information
      Recently there are some users that are unable to convert leads. It seems there are some users with the same role can convert leads while others cannont
      The user is the owner of the lead, contact, opportunity and account.
      Owner access profile --accounts and opportunities have a realted information section for Distributors.  the access on the objects are read/edit/delete and the RI section for partners has been changed to Full
      Could not find assocaiton between Lead and Contact to Partners

      In the SR -- it was suggested that the required fields on the opportunity must be populated...however this is not the case. There are fields that are not present on the lead that are required fields for the opportunity and users can convert leads without these fields. As noted above checked the owner profile access. the role 'has access' to all the record types and 'can create' privleges