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    ovm 3.1.1 - adding new server to existing server pool - vlan tagged network


      I am trying to add a 5th server to an existing 4 server pool.
      I discover the 5th server that was installed with the management interface on a vlan tagged net 50.

      After discovering , it automatically creates a vlan group with the uuid as the name, 0004009....etc.
      I have an existing vlan group for the existing 4 servers, called bond0vlan50.

      How do I get my new server into that existing vlan group, bond0vlan50?

      I can not delete the auto-created vlan group - it won't let me (cannot delete because of management interface).
      I can not remove the port from the auto-created vlan-group - it won't let me.


      Jason Amato

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