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    Regarding AP Aging Buckets!

      Hello everyone,

      Can someone explain me how the AP aging buckets work.
      I mean how the Aging bucket 1-30, Aging bucket 30-60, Aging bucket 60-90 and Aging bucket 90+ loaded into the fact tables.
      In my scenario, I see data related to only aging bucket 4 which means Aging bucket 90+.
      all the remaining buckets have 0 values.

      Thanks in advance!
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          Srini VEERAVALLI
          Check this link may help you

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            Ahsan Shah
            to keep it short..its basically just the DAYS your payments are aging. You configure the BUCKETS in DAC and based on the PAID/CLOSE dates of the payments, there is a Post Load Process (PLP) that reads from the base FACT to calculate which "Bucket" each record goes into. Every day when you run, it re-calulates the BUCKET for all overdue payments. If your payments are not ALL 90 days overdue..then you may not have configured it properly.

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              Thanks for the reply guys.
              But now in out current scenario, if I run the following SQL query, I get the result as 4.

              select distinct aging_bucket from W_AP_AGING_INVOICE_A.

              Result: 4

              SO based on the aging_bucket I have values only for the columns like
              Odue_1_global_1_amt from w_ap_aging_supplier_a
              Open_1_global1_amt from w_ap_aging_supplier_a
              Open_1_global1_amt from w_ar_aging_customer_a

              What does it mean when I have data belonging to only the bucket value 4.