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    JMS Receiver ??


      I have a requirement to receive a XML message from other application, CC&B should receive the XML message, parse the XML and store the data in the custom table, want to know what JMS receiver i need to use it and how to do it. Help is appreciated.

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          more questions:
          - What do you mean by XML message? Assuming you are going ahead with JMS, but what model, Queue or Topic? Receiver configuration would depend accordingly. Setting up JMS receivers is well defined in the online help, look for indexed entries such as XAI JNDI Server, XAI JDBC or JMS Connection, XAI Queue or Topic.
          - What is your FW version and application? (if FW 4.1.x and considering you are going to use JMS, you'd use MDBs i.e. realtime JMS integration instead of JMS receivers over MPL)