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    Linux Guest - resizing default partitions


      DeveloperDays is a beautiful concept from Oracle, offering a ready-to-use package of Linux OS and a bunch of Developer tools. But, resizing the disk partition is a difficult task I am finding.

      My Setup:

      1) Host is Windows 7
      2) Guest - Oracle Developer Days Linux 5

      When OracleDeveloperDays was 'imported' it created 1) Primary Master 2) Primary Slave with .vmdk format, each with 12GB default storage capacity.

      Below is the classification as seen in Linux Guest

      1) Primary Master

      /dev/hda1 --> 11 GB for / root partition
      /dev/hda2 --> 1.7Gb for swap

      2) Primary Slave

      /dev/hdb1 --> 12 GB for /home

      Since the format used during installation was .vmdk VMBoxManage could not be used to resize it. A second attempt was made to re-do the Linux installation choosing the format as .vdi, and this installation was successul. Whereas, from Windows host I could not use VMBoxManage to resize as this utility might have detected that though the name is with extention .vdi, the underlying file format still (might be) .vmdk

      Now, I have little options to resize my /root /home and swap partitions in Linux guest. I have a 1TB laptop and want to give 100GB for /root and 150 GB for /home and 40 GB for swap.

      How do i do it?

      I also made some attempts by doing 'add storage' from VirtualBox settings and added it to Linux and was able to see this space added as /dev/hdd with - say - some 200Gb. ********** But, my basic requirement is to increase the existing partitions such as / root, /home ad swap instead of creating additional partitions on additional hard drives*********.

      Can you please advise? Is it that I remove /dev/hdd and resize the unallocated space created so using GParted? I tried even that, which didn't allow me to re-use unallocated space to be assigned to /dev/hda1 or /dev/hda2 because as I understand the unallocated space (/dev/hdd) and / or /home or /swap are disjoint drives. Only partitions within a single drive can be merged/resized not those belonging to different drives.

      Can someone point me in the right direction. I think, I am not the first one hitting this problem and solution is there somewhere. Googled some discussions which brought me this far and now I am stopped.

      thanks for your help