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    OSM 7: Xquery to get OSM components


      I am trying to implement OSM v7.2 and still new to the xquery concept in OSM.
      Is there a way to write an xquery to read osm specific components such as productspec and ordercomponent during point of decomposition?

      I want to do a conditional check based on the productspec and ordercomponent.

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          Hi Could you be more specific and describe the use case better?
          What sort of behaviour would you like to achieve?
          Normally the decomposition rules represent the conditions which control how your order lines are moved from one decompsition stage to the next.
          If you want to have a bunch of order lines that get associated with a "functionA" component in the first stage and then you want to tak one subset and associate with functionA.systemA and a differetn subset with functionA.systemB you do two decomposition rules:


          and you associate a condition to each
          the condition evaluates an exquery expression for each line
          in the input data is the complete line item structure, so you can have logic based on the product spec, or any other properties,

          does this answer your question?