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    PeopleSoft Mobile Applications homepage

      Hi all,

      I am doing some R&D on PeopleSoft Mobile Expenses, which was recently released with FSCM bundle 23.
      I have installed all required patches and bundles and configured Mobile Expenses.

      When you start PeopleSoft and go to Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Mobile Applications, you are presented with two icons Expenses and Approvals.
      When you click on Expenses, Mobile Expenses HomePage (iScripts) starts with following url
      Everything works fine here.

      When I copy this url and try it from a mobile device (tried iPad & Google Nexus Phone), it start the following url and your a presented with the mobile logon screen.

      This is still logical, since accessing iscripts needs you to logon to PeopleSoft.
      However when you logon to PeopleSoft the iscript is not redirected to:
      but you a presented with a black screen with the following url

      When I remove the ?cmd=login from the url I can access Mobile Expeses from an Android device.

      When running on a iPad, after logging in PeopleSoft, I can see Mobile Expenses, but the page gets display only with a popup, stating I need to add this applcation to my homepage. When you set a link to the Expenses homepage url on your iPad homepage, you get a nice icon on your iPad homepage. When you click on this, you are again redirected to the PeopleSoft Mobile logon screen. After logging on, you see again a white screen, but this time without a url bar, which is hidden to make it look like a native app.

      Now, my question is, why is my iscript url to being redirected to the actually iscript url and keeps having the +?cmd=login+ parameter in the url, even after logging on to PeopleSoft.
      What am I doing wrong.


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          Hakan, when I test on my server, it does not add the &cmd=login part to the URL. This may be caused by a tools difference, and logging a case in MOS would be appropriate. As an alternative, while you wait for a response, you could create/modify the login form's onsubmit JavaScript or onload JavaScript to trim the &cmd=login part off the form's action. It isn't necessary.
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            Hi Jim,

            I am currently trying it on PeopleTools 8.52.09, should I move to 8.52.11?
            I will try the adjust the onsubmit JavaScript & onload JavaScript.

            I'll keep you posted ...

            Thanks in advance.


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              An update.

              As described in the documentation of bundle 23, you need to adjust the webprofile with the mobile signon/in html pages delivered by the bundle.
              The documentation shows and example of the PROD webprofile being adjusted with mobile "_fmode" html page.

              Instead of using the PROD webprofile, I adjusted the DEV webprofile and used this in my configurtion.properties.
              The main difference between DEV and PROD is Allow Public Access enabled on DEV.
              When calling the Expenses homepage (iScript), it tried logging in with the guest account, who is not authorized and which created a url with an error.

              After disabling Allow Public Access on the DEV webprofile it worked like a charm!!!

              And may a say, Mobile Expenses and Approvals looks and works great on iPad, iPhone, Android etc.+

              Job well done, Oracle.+

              Whom ever is interested in Mobile Expenses and Approvals, I will try to write some blogs on the configuration, setup and technology behind it.


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                For PeopleSoft mobile expenses to be achieved does web server need to be on Public network.As it needs to be accessible from smart devices connected to Internet.

                what r the ways of doing it.?
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                  This is a security choice the customer has to make.

                  You could have your PIA running on the internet, but definitely need to think about security (Loadbalancer, firewalls, reverse proxy, etc). Mobile devices can connect to the mobile applications from everywhere.

                  You could have your PIA running on your corporate intranet and chose to use a VPN connection from your mobile device to connect to the corporate LAN. Mobile device can still connect to the mobile applications from everywhere.

                  You could have your PIA running on your corporate intranet and chose to not implement any of the above alternatives. Mobile devices will only be able to connect to the mobile applications when connected to the corporate LAN through WiFi.

                  Since infra is not my field of expertise, these are the connectivity options, I can think about, but probably there are many more networking solutions.

                  If you are interested on how to install, configure and use Mobile Expenses and Approvals, have a look at the blog I recently wrote: