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    Unable to calculate required tax using compounding tax codes in a tax group

      Dear All,
      My requirement for an ordered item (Sale order/Invoice) is to apply VAT on "discounted price" and then apply advance tax on "sum of List price and VAT calculated before".
      List Price=100;
      Net selling Price after 10% disount=90;
      VAT Rate:16%;
      Adv. Tax Rate: 0.5%
      I have performed following steps for this:
      Separate tax codes made for these taxes For VAT-used taxable basis="after discount", whereas for Adv.tax="before discount",
      and then assigned these codes to a tax group to be applied to the oredered item.
      But system is not calcuating adv. tax as per my requirement and rather applying rate on "sum of discounrted price and VAT calculated before".

      Kindly provide the workaround for this.