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    Multi value select LOV in report builder 10g parameter form.

      Hi All,

      I have a requirement to show a set of records by getting user input through the report parameter form.

      employee Table.
      emp_id emp_name
      ---------- ------------------
      1 A
      2 B
      3 C
      4 D
      5 E

      In the report i am getting emp_id input from the user through list of values (LOV query is "select emp_id from employee where emp_id =:emp_id").
      This condition is working for me. now user want to select multiple emp_id from the LOV. so that the sql query will get the related records from the employee table.
      so the LOV query will work like the following "select emp_id from employee where emp_id in (:emp_id)".

      can enybody help me to acheive the above.

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