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    Where to put jersey and jackson libraries for deployment?

      In my application I use Jersey and Jackson JSON. I went to Jersey website (http://jersey.java.net/) and downloaded the all the jar files for Jersey and Jackson and added them into JDeveloper 11g during development and everything was fine.

      Now I want to deploy the EAR file to Weblogic. I put all these jar files in the lib directory (\user_projects\domains\domain1\lib) and put them in the classpaths of one of my managed servers. But when i started up the AdminServer, it won't start up. I removed these jar files from the lib then it started up fine.

      There are also deployable libraries of Jersey and Jackson (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/web.1111/e13734/rest.htm#CHDCGFCH) that came with Weblogic.

      Do I just deploy these libraries and my EAR will reference the jersey and jackson classes? What jersey and jackson jar files should I use?


      I'm using WLS 10.3.5
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          WLS bundles under %WL_HOME%/common/deployable-libraries. which needs to deployed as shared libraries and these should be refrenced from weblogic.xml

          If you wish to use a more recent version of the Jersey JAX-RS RI shared libraries than the version that is provided with WebLogic Server, you need to perform the following steps:
          you can try bundling the jar files inside web-inf/lib folder.(but above approach is recommended)

          From wls 12.1 onwards you need not have to deploy them as shared libraries. they are added to the class path.

          Sunil P