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    tuning imexpire

      I see some possible tuning options to imexpire (e.g. -t -r -m options). Can someone elaborate on these? I haven't found them documented too well. This is for specifically running imexpire interactively, rather than through a scheduled/cron.

      If we have 30 partitions, by default it seems there will be one thread per partition, up to 50 maximum.
      The goal is to run imexpire as fast as possible.

      Can we bump the -r option to 2? So we end up with 60 threads etc... what is the impact?
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          There is a KM doc available on this, with details on the nbr of threads and how they are divided across the different partitions.
          Below is a direct link to this document.

          [1301139.1: How To Make imexpire Go Faster?|https://support.oracle.com/rs?type=doc&id=1301139.1]

          Cheers, Ben