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    ODC - Insert Page During Indexing

    William Phelps
      Using ODC, a user has a document that has been committed using Import Server (or possibly scanned via Batch Manager). In either event, the document goes into the indexing queue. While indexing the document, the user wants to insert a page, ideally a separator. Can inserting a page be done in the INDEXING process?

      The main use case is an email with multiple attachments being ingested via Import Server. The user will not have an opportunity to insert a page in the batch scan process in this case, and would need to separate the attachments from the indexing queue. This newly inserted page would really function as a patch page.
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          You might not be able to add any page to the batch while Indexing (with batch created by any option ie.Importing/Manually Scanning/etc.).
          But if you are scanning a batch via Batch Manager, while "Review Batch" you can add any page into the batch.

          But the scenario that youave depicted, doesnt it seperate the attachments by default while importing emails?
          Will try to check this further.

          Pradeep Mahajan.
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            VikrantKorde 1
            hi William,

            Import server will convert whole body and its attachment to image and put everything together for user to process further. User can do the modifications (insert, delete, rotate, etc) in that in Scan profile. User can delete pages in Index profile also.

            If you need to insert a patch page, then you need to open that in Scan profile and do that. It can not be done in Indexing process.

            Vikrant Korde.