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    xdofx:ceil on xml publisher


      i am not able to ceil on the below, could some one let me know if this is possibile

      <?sum(current-group()/PALLET)?> -- gives 43.34

      <?xdofx:ceil(sum(current-group()/PALLET))?> i want to give as 44


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          Use round instead
          <?sum(current-group()/PALLET)?> -- gives 43.34
          <?xdofx:ceil(sum(current-group()/PALLET))?> i want to give as 44>
          Please remember below
          Note: You cannot mix xdofx statements with XSL expressions in the same context. For example, assume you had two elements, FIRST_NAME and LAST_NAME that you wanted to concatenate into a 30-character field and right pad the field with the character "x", you could NOT use the following:

          However, you can take this value into variable do a ceil.

          Refer the below link for supported XDOFX functions
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