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    Err: Failed to get account list

    VikrantKorde 1
      Hi All,

      I have installed and configured IPM environment. It is working fine for all other flows. However when i click on the "Account distribution" task it shows me the details of that task but also gives message popup
      "Failed to get account list" --- twice

      AXF_Lookups package is present in the apps user in EBS database. Is there anything i am missing?

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          VikrantKorde 1
          I got the reason behind this after looking at the IPM_diagnostic log file.
          In that file it was giving me Column index out of bound exception.

          So after that i re-executed axf_lookup.sql file from axf directory of Oracle_ECM1 and it started working. After little more investigation i found out that those all scripts were executed for old solution accelerator i.e. and i am using solution accelerator

          Vikrant Korde.